Corporate Care & Assistance Programme

The all-in-one Corporate Care & Assistance Programme is world-class and cutting edge, extending beyond a self-help tool or app: the programme is bespoke and combines individualised face-to-face support, virtual & face-to-face group interactions, as well as self-help tools. 

Corporate Care & Assistance Programme

The packages have been designed to complement each other and enable your organisation to show that the stress levels and well-being of your workforce is being genuinely looked after, monitored, and cared for regularly.

Therapy Session


In-person or online with one of our mentors, coaches or psychologist. The person going through their personal challenge/s (bullying, separation/divorce, debts, bereavement, among others) has a session in an environment detached from your organisation to facilitate a safe outlet in absolute confidentiality.

We equip your workforce with the right tools and techniques to find guidance, orientation, direction, drive, self-fulfilment, focus and motivation when needed. 

Group Meetings & Workshops

In-person at your offices or virtual, these are small group gatherings fostering discussions on popular topics such as stress, sleep deprivation & impact on performance, the effects of home office, parenting, integration, work, handling finances and challenges impacting our emotional wellbeing. 
Individual break-out sessions with the moderator (mentor) are also facilitated.

Group Meeting
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Digital Platform: Virtual Space

24/7 Virtual Support Network

this is a restricted access network containing webinars, podcasts, short videos and other resources from our coaches, mentors and psychologists on relevant topics.

Company Virtual Support Network

this area is dedicated to your workforce. Employees share topics specific to their well-being and start discussions. They are welcome to contact the centre to provide insights into any questions raised, or request for webinars and/or podcasts on topics of interest among your employees.

Employee Well-being vs. Stress:
Self-Monitoring Plan
for Stress Detection & Prevention

The plan takes a preventative approach to stress and burnout, and is tailored to your organisational needs. 

The plan includes the Well-being Self-Assessment Survey (anonymous), an optional yearly one-on-one check-up session for every employee, and survey results data to tackle any red flags in your organisation.

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Team Building Event Integration

Events lasting several weeks

foster prolonged team cohesion among global teams beyond the traditional one-day team building events, which can be costly.

The team building Event Channel is embedded in the company-dedicated virtual space and enables to share the fun of these events while promoting a healthy lifestyles in the shape of a Monthly Challenge, such as a hiking challenge.

Advisory: leverage well-being for business performance

Studies show that stock market performance is correlated to health and wellbeing.

Human Capital is your greatest asset. We help you add value to your organisation so you can:

- Attract/retain top talent, reduce turnover costs

- Be regarded as "Best Employer" in your market

- Align and foster a great workforce culture

- Reduce unnecessary Human Capital spend

- Turn unrealised potential in the workforce to realised financial gains

- Monitor collective “red flags” which can cause irreparable damage to corporate reputation

- Optimise talent allocation

Analyzing Graphs

How it works

Design the right Programme

We design the right Corporate Care & Assistance Programme with you and according to your budget.

Launch the Programme

We handle rollout, and we are happy to team up with you to work on a communication plan.


We send you industry reports on human capital trends to help you add further value.

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