Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Sad and depressed woman - worried woman with head bowed and head on hand

Common causes of anxiety and panic attacks

Worries about work, family or money are common problems that may lead you to becoming stressed and anxious.  As a result you may feel overwhelmed and unable to make the best decisions for overcoming your difficulties.

In addition, people who have suffered some form of loss, whether through redundancy, demotion, bereavement or other significant life change, often experience periods of anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is one approach that has proved to be very effective in reducing anxiety. Hypnosis will allow you to attain greater levels of relaxation and recuperation from the stresses of life. As anxiety reduces you will feel more capable and confident in overcoming your difficulties.

Lack of confidence and coping skills

Stress and anxiety - sad and depressed woman with head on handsLack of confidence commonly underlies many symptoms of anxiety. Hypnotherapy can also be helpful here. This Technique can help build confidence and self esteem so that you can feel more comfortable in a range of social and work settings.

Lack of coping skills: although anxiety may not affect us as children, if we have not learned enough positive coping skills in our early years, we may become anxious in adulthood when faced with difficult challenges. 

Anxiety can be acquired from observing anxious behaviour in others.  Typically, a child growing up in an anxious or negatively thinking household is more likely to develop anxious behaviour as an adult than one who has grown up in a positive and calming environment. 

Hypnotherapy can help you to recognise your negative and anxious feelings and replace them with a more positive attitude so that you can remain calm and more in control of your life. 

Hidden causes of anxiety

There can also be situations where the sufferer is anxious but with no apparent reason.  Despite their lives being relatively stress free they are still plagued by excruciating feelings of anxiety.  Such hidden causes can be difficult to uncover through conventional counselling and whilst medication may help to alleviate some symptoms it does little to unravel the underlying root cause of the anxiety.   

Hypnosis can help bring about a profound feeling of relaxation, allowing the subconscious mind let go of the inappropriate response that has been responsible for the anxiety.

Panic Attacks – Symptoms

Overcoming stress and anxiety - girl showing signs of stressPanic attacks tend to occur as isolated attacks that come on suddenly and acutely … and then gradually calm down over a period of hours.  Symptoms of panic attacks are often more intense than those experienced with general anxiety.  They include heart palpitations, chest pain, trembling and hyperventilation with dizziness or fainting.

The onset of panic attacks can occur following a shock or some form of loss. Or when the sufferer is feeling anxious and out of control. In many cases the underlying reason is unknown. 

How previous events can trigger panic attacks

The underlying reason for some panic attacks can often be due to unknown triggers that are connected to some previously forgotten and often minor but distressing childhood event that happened many years before.

To take a hypothetical example: a dog barking during a thunderstorm for most adults will be noisy but understandable.  However, for a young child lying alone in his bed at night, such an event may become linked with a feeling of terror and fear.  As an adult this connection will still be there although the original incident will have long since been forgotten. 

With the onset of a similar thunderstorm and dog barking the connection of fear can become triggered off in the adult mind – a fear that makes no sense since there is no conscious memory of the childhood event. 

Once the panic attack has been triggered, a secondary occurrence may then be triggered by anything that is remotely connected with the original fear – so that a panic attack may be triggered by any loud noise or anything that has an association with dogs.  Such triggers can continue to create fear and the onset of panic attacks in an adult for many years, with them struggling to make sense about why they are happening. 

Stress Management - Hypnotherapy - girl reclining during hypnosis sessionHow Hypnosis can help

It is with these situations that hypnosis can be particularly helpful.  Initially, by enabling the sufferer to achieve a deep sense of relaxation and then by working with the subconscious mind to resolve the inappropriate response that has been triggering off the panic attacks and bring about a feeling of resolution and calm. 

Whatever the reason for your panic attacks – whether known or unknown – hypnosis can enable you to overcome your underlying anxiety and become a calmer, relaxed and confident person. 

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