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The Stress Management Centre specialises in managing stress and the treatment of anxiety and stress related conditions.

It can be argued that an element of stress can be a good thing – or at least not a particularly bad thing. However, when there is no respite from our stress, when we constantly feel anxious and life feels like one long nail-biting episode, then it’s time to take stock and do something about it. That is where we can help.

The Stress Management Centre is here to help you overcome your stress related difficulties and provide you with ongoing support in managing stress.

Our practitioners are highly qualified, with many years experience treating people of all ages and working across a wide range of problems and health conditions. We have experience in psychology and hypnotherapy as well as one-to-one counselling.

Our Autogenics Training therapist has many years experience teaching Autogenics for a wide range of applications. She became one of the first Autogenics Training Therapists when the British Centre for Autogenics Training was established in the 1980s. Additional training was also taken with Dr W Luthe, who – with Dr J H Schultz – developed the Autogenics therapeutic programme. This included instruction in one of Luthe’s later therapeutic applications – Creative Mobilisation Therapy (CMT).

We also have expertise in child development – an area where we specialise. 

Services for Businesses, Sports Clubs and Other Organisations


People in consultation - Stress Management Centre

Most of our work is carried out on a one-to-one basis. However, we also provide workshops and training courses in Autogenics, Stress Management, Creativity Development, Performance Skills and Natural Health on a group basis.  These can be run at an organisation’s own premises as short lunch time or after work sessions or as half day workshops.

We are based in South West London but can provide these group sessions across all areas of London and Surrey.

For further information about workshops and courses please email:

or telephone: 020 8878 1355

Autogenics Training Groups

Training groups for Autogenics are run periodically throughout the year at various locations. Please contact us for details of the next available courses.

Autogenics can also be taught on a one to one basis at days and times to suit you.

One to One Client Consultations 

Counselling Session - helping deal with anxiety, stress and other issues


To arrange for a confidential consultation, contact us on:

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