Bach flower remedies to help overcome symptoms of stress - bowl with flower petalsThe Bach Flower Remedies are a gentle and natural way to help overcome the symptoms of stress and alleviate feelings of anxiety. Bach Flower remedies can be used to help manage the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Developed by Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent Harley Street physician and homeopath in the early 20th century, the Bach Flower Remedies have become a popular treatment for rebalancing negative states of mind. 

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

Each one of the 38 essences can help treat a specific emotion or state of mind – such as fear, grief, indecision, guilt, anxiety, panic, irritability,  hyper tension, despondency, exhaustion, lack of confidence and so on. 

Through Dr Bach’s work as a physician, he came to realise the importance of the mind in influencing his patient’s overall state of health.  Having identified plants that corresponded to 38 negative states of mind he developed a method of releasing the energetic essence of each plant.  These subsequently became the 38 flower remedies that are produced in the same way today.

Bach Flower Remedies - leather case with 38x20ml containers

Bach Flower Remedies - leather wallet showing all 38 remedies

Bach original Flower Remedies – Leather Wallet Remedy Set: 38 x 20 ml containers

Eradicate negative emotions and anxiety

With the discovery of the flower remedies, Dr Bach found that the essences could not only influence the mind but could also stimulate self healing by eradicating the negative emotions that were affecting the patient’s ability to recover.

They are also useful for issues such as diet, detox and healthy living regimes.

  • This set of three Bach original flower essences allows you to create your own individual mixture
  • You may choose to take one, two or three essences at a time
  • Simply use the dropper bottle to put drops onto the tongue or add to any beverage

Bach Flower Remedies - emotional healing kit - boxed set


Bach Emotional Eating Kit – 3 x 10 ml Bottles


Selecting Bach flower remedies for stress and anxiety

The Bach flower remedies can be used to help with a wide range of conditions.  The following remedies are some of the ones commonly used to treat anxiety and other emotions triggered by stress.  The Bach flower remedies can be safely used for children and animals as well as for adults:


The Bach Flower Remedies

Aspen The patient has fears about the unknown.  Terrors on awakening, as from a bad dream.  Inexplicable fear.  Fear with sweating and trembling

Beech  Intolerant and critical of others.  Expects high standards and precision. 

Cerato  Anxious about her own ability.  Constantly seeking advice from other people.  Lacks confidence in her own judgement. 

Cherry Plum Feeling as if on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  Fear of losing control and reason.  Desperate and impulsive behaviour

Clematis  Lack of interest in the present.  Day dreaming.  The patient avoids difficulties by withdrawing.  Prefers to be alone.  Clematis can be helpful for people who have suffered prolonged stress and have “switched off” through exhaustion. 

Elm  Overwhelmed by responsibility.  Exhaustion with periodic doubts about whether they are capable of doing the job.   

Gentian Easily discouraged when things go wrong.  Negative outlook but refuses to believe that his negativity is preventing him overcoming his problems.  A good remedy for discouraged students. 

Gorse Hopelessness and despair.  Lack of belief that anything will make any difference. 

Hornbeam Monday morning feeling.  Weariness and fatigue.  Doubts that  they have the strength to cope but usually do. 

Impatiens Irritablity and impatience.  Needs to do everything in a hurry. Intolerant of slow workers.  Accident prone because of nervous impatience. 

Mimulus Fear of known things. Fear of illness, death, people, public speaking, loss of money – even when the fear is irrational.

Oak  Despondent but struggles on.  People who have struggled on against adversity for a long period of time, but starting to weaken with the effects of the prolonged stress. 

Olive  Complete exhaustion. No reserve strength.  Everything is an effort.

Red Chestnut  Over concern and anxiety about others – particularly friends and family. 

Rock Rose  Feelings of panic and terror.  Due to known and unknown reasons. 

Rock Water  Rigid beliefs and outlook.  Are hard taskmasters on themselves. Perfectionists.  Create their own stress by trying too hard to set an example to everyone else. 

Scleranthus  Indecision.  Torn between two possibilities. Wastes time because of indecisiveness.  Creates stress from internal struggle about which decision to make. 

Star of Bethlehem  Effects of shock – even from the past.  Unable to function fully due to delayed reaction of previous shocks

Sweet Chestnut Extreme anguish. Have reached the limit of their endurance. Future seems bleak.  No hope for the future.

Vervain  Hyper-anxiety.   Highly tense and stressed.  Unable to relax.  Tends to take on too many jobs at once.  Perfectionist.  Sensitive to injustice. 

Walnut  Overwhelmed by change. For supporting people through transitional periods in life eg. career change, redundancy, retirement, puberty, menopause etc.

White Chestnut  Mental arguments and worries. Thoughts going round and round in head all the time, preventing sleep and concentration at work

Wild Oat  Stress due to uncertainty about where going in life.  Has tried many things but nothing feels right.  At a crossroads in life. 

Willow  Resentment, bitterness and self pity.  Stress due to lack of success and resentment towards others who have succeeded.

The Benefits of Rescue Remedy

Bach Flower Remedies - Rescue Remedy box with 20ml dropperRescue Remedy is a wonderful standby to keep at home and carry around with you. 

Incorporating 5 of the Bach Flower Remedies (Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem) Rescue Remedy can help with the sudden onset of panic attacks, general anxiety, performance anxiety prior to exams or interviews as well as the shock of minor accidents.

It’s even great for animals and perking up plants if you’ve forgotten to water them – they suffer from shock as well!


Bach Flower Remedies - box showing Rescue Remedy SprayRescue Remedy - stress Management Centre - box showing night drops


Recommended Bach Flower Remedy Books

Whilst the above list covers a lot of the emotions and negative mind states for stress and anxiety, it is not a comprehensive list of all the 38 Flower Remedies. For a complete list with fuller descriptions see one of the following books on the Bach Flower Remedies

 The Bach Flower Remedies Step by Step by Judy Ramsell Howard - - Paperback BookBach Flower Remedies - The Essential Writings of Dr Edward Bach - paperback book cover


Bach Flower Remedies for Animals - Stress Management Centre - Paperback by Stefan Ball

Bach Flower Remedies for Animals book 3 - Stress Management Centre - paperback


How to take Bach Flower remedies

The Bach flower remedies can be used as a single medicine or in combination with up to 5 others.  They can be taken as a single drop from the bottle or put some drops into juice or water and sip it during the course of the day.  For further advice on the Bach Flower Remedies you should consult a qualified practitioner.

Homeopathic Remedies

For other natural and homeopathic remedies, see our HOMEOPATHIC STORE.


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