Stress Management Centre: how to deal with stress and anxiety.

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Stress and anxiety: what is stress and what is anxiety; what are the causes of stress; how to deal with the symptoms of stress; which treatments are most effective for dealing with stress related conditions.

Effective stress management means that we need to be alert to the signs and symptoms of stress so that we can find ways of coming to terms with stress … and then dealing with it.

Stress, in one form or another, affects us all … and most of the time. If it’s not physical confrontation, it’s the continual worries that play on our minds. Mild levels of stress and anxiety can often be dealt with by taking more time for rest and recuperation. However, severe levels of stress usually require a more specific therapeutic approach. Here at the Stress Management Centre, we offer a variety of therapies which can be used to help manage your stress.

You will also find articles on the different aspects of stress and the ways these different therapies can help.


Stress Management - Hypnotherapy to help with the signs of stress - girl reclining HYPNOTHERAPY

Hypnotherapy (hypnosis) is a well established and particularly effective technique for dealing with the signs of stress and anxiety. This technique has been used over and over again to help sufferers deal with both the symptoms of stress and the underlying causes.

It is equally effective in dealing with a host of stress related conditions: addictions – stopping smoking, alcohol and drug dependency, insomnia, depression, eating disorders and so on.


Stress Management - Autogenics to deal with the signs of stress - Woman relaxing AUTOGENICS

An easy to learn, highly effective technique for overcoming a wide range of stress related conditions and dealing with the signs and causes of stress. The versatility of Autogenics enables it to be used in any place or situation for rapid results. It has  become an invaluable 21st century way of dealing with the pressures of life.

Autogenices has also been used by Olympic teams and international athletes not only to deal with the signs of stress but to harness and control these in order to to maximise … as well as enhancing rest and recovery after events. Its success as a self help technique for a wide range of situations and symptoms has been well documented in many research papers. It is suitable for people of all ages.

The recuperative benefits of Autogenics can be outstanding: a 15 minute session of Autogenics is capable of providing the equivalent of  3-4 hours sleep.


Counselling Session - helping deal with anxiety, stress and other issuesHOLISTIC COUNSELLING

Holistic Counseling: provides sufferers with an empathic, impartial and completely non-judgemental listening ear.

This approach is designed to enable people to gain valuable insight into their thoughts and feelings. In this way, it helps them find more effective ways of understanding the underlying causes and signs of stress. This enables them to manage their present difficulties – whatever they are and whatever the underlying causes may be.


Homeopathic medication - Stress Management Centre - jar with medicinesHOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES

Homeopathy is just one of a range of natural health remedies that can provide an extremely effective natural support to those suffering prolonged periods of stress related illnesses.

When used appropriately, homeopathic remedies can help with a wide range of stress and anxiety related conditions. Homeopathic remedies (as well as Bach Flower Remedies) are natural remedies that work at the core of the body’s immune and energy system. You can buy your homeopathic remedies here.


Bach Flower Remedies - leather wallet showing all 38 remediesBACH FLOWER REMEDIES

Bach Flower Remedies provide a gentle and natural way to help overcome the symptoms of stress and associated conditions. The 38 essences are used to treat a specific state of mind or emotion – eg fear, grief, guilt, anxiety, panic, irritability, hyper-tension, exhaustion etc

The Stress Management Centre specialises in the treatment and management of stress, anxiety and associated illnesses and conditions. Stress can affect us in may ways: panic attacks; difficulties with sleeping; exhaustion and irritability; memory and concentration difficulties; under performance at work;  addictions to alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs or comfort foods that contribute to weight gain … and many other problems. The starting point is to identify the signs and symptoms of stress so that we can suggest an effective way of dealing with them.

We are here to help you overcome your stress related difficulties and provide you with ongoing support for whatever you wish to achieve.

We can provide information and a degree of help on this website but for real results you need to see a therapist or your health practitioner. You are welcome to use any of the information available on this website but you need to be careful when adopting any health regime: a conversation with your health practitioner is essential.

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For those, who are interested in the body of research that exists in the fields covered by the Stress Management Centre, a selection of Research Papers is available.

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